What is Kidz in the 'Hood?

We are primarily a ministry for children and youth in our neighborhood.  We host a bible study three times a week that is geared toward our younger brothers and sisters.  We strive to build healthy relationships with the children and youth that come to our ministry by walking with them through life and striving to see them succeed spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.  As we get to know the children, we also build relationships with their families and seek ways in which to support the whole family spiritually and physically. 
We also provide other services as we serve the community as seen below:

Support for the Poor and the Homeless
Providing material needs including, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical needs. Providing employment assistance including, clothing for interviews, a cell phone, transportation, obtaining forms of identification, and obtaining a driver's license.

Business Training and Work Ethic Development
Developing a work ethic in unemployed youth and adults through rewards for volunteer work. Providing opportunities for skills development or continuing education. Providing support for entrepreneurial endeavors of unemployed youth or adults.

Community Development
Supporting volunteers in the community and organizing service projects. Partnering with other community organizations to run events or programs to benefit the community. Hosting community-building events such as block parties, grill outs, neighborhood watch.

Prison Support
Providing personal items for prisoners, and bringing their families for visits. Providing assistance to prisoners after their release including, transportation, housing, employment, and cell phones.

Educational and Enriching Trips
Providing a range of opportunities for children and youth to experience other cultures, regions, and activities in and around Milwaukee. These opportunities include camping, museums, cultural centers, summer camps, the arts, and conferences.

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